The Code of Professional Responsibility and Rules & Procedures

January 2020


IV. Responsibilities to Colleagues and the Profession

C4.1 — Dignity

The ABC Credential Holder has the responsibility to conduct himself/herself/itself in a manner that will assure the dignity and status of the Profession. Examples of unacceptable behavior include, but are not limited to, inappropriate conduct with a patient, falsifying documents, misusing the certification credential, slandering or libeling another, disparaging existing or former employers, disparaging existing or former employees or misrepresenting one’s capacity as a provider of Services.

C4.2 — Substance Abuse

The ABC Credential Holder shall not use illegal drugs and/or any legally controlled substances resulting in the impairment of his/her professional judgment and/or ability to provide Services.

C4.3 — Solicitation

The ABC Credential Holder and his/her/its representatives shall not, either directly or indirectly, solicit the patronage of individual patients by way of: (i) of intimidation, threats, harassing conduct, undue influence, coercion, duress; and/or (ii) remuneration, unwarranted promises of benefits, or in violation of any third party payer rules. The ABC Credential Holder and his/her/its representative shall not solicit a patient who appears to be in a cognitively impaired condition affecting his/her personal judgment to make decisions concerning the devices or Services being offered. The ABC Credential Holder and his/ her/its representatives shall not solicit a patient while they reside in an in-patient setting unless the ABC Credential Holder has received a valid order. All contacts with a patient shall be in a manner that is consistent with his/her/its obligation to act in a dignified manner as set forth in Code C4.1.

C4.4 — Examination

The ABC Credential Holder, including exam candidates and applicants, shall: (i) maintain the security and; (ii) not disclose nor allow the disclosure of ABC credentialing examinations and their content.