Facility Accreditation

Why Get Accredited?

Accreditation allows you to:

  • Demonstrate compliance and competency beyond other regulatory requirements
  • Bill Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance carriers
  • Set your business apart from competitors
  • Decrease insurance costs due to improved risk management practices

Why Choose ABC?

ABC is the highest standard among Medicare Deemed Authorities in the profession. Our consultative process helps your business maintain profitability and stand out from the competition. We have:

  • Recognition as a Deemed Accrediting Authority for CMS and a leader in the profession
  • Savings of at least $1,000 overall compared to other accrediting organizations
  • Consultative onsite surveys conducted by experienced surveyors
  • Exclusive tools and resources to aid businesses in compliance and improved processes
  • High customer satisfaction rates averaging over 94%

Got Questions?

Custom Standards Tool


Quickly and easily determine exactly which standards apply to the products and services you provide and get a custom list specific to your facility.

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Contact our Team

Photo of Tammi Richards

Tammi Richards

Director, Facility Accreditation Services

Primary contact for: facility accreditation surveyor activities, large company accreditation program, product category reporting to Medicare and customer issue resolution

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Photo of Christine Michael

Christine Michael

Manager, Facility Accreditation

Primary contact for: accreditation application and on-site survey issues

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