Patient Care Facility Accreditation Guide

October 2023



As part of our commitment to value, we offer you the following tools to help you comply with both ABC and Medicare Standards. These easy-to-use resources will help guide you through the accreditation process. All of these resources are available on the ABC website,

Custom Standards Tool—This quick and easy online tool helps you determine exactly which Standards apply to the devices and items you provide your patients. Simply choose the specific product categories you provide and the program generates a custom list of the Standards that apply to those product categories. This list can then be used to help you focus on these areas for compliance as you prepare for your onsite survey.

Compliance Kit—The Compliance Kit is available exclusively to accredited facilities as well facilities that have submitted applications to ABC. The Compliance Kit comprises of a Compliance Calendar, monthly compliance emails, as well as our online Resource Pack, which is full of templates and guidance to help you meet compliance. To access the online portion of the Kit, sign into your facility’s MY ABC account.

Facilities Annual Review Checklist—This checklist provides an overview of all of the standards that require annual or routine tasks required to maintain your accreditation. This can help your facility organize and manage your compliance activities year-round!s an overview of all of the standards that require annual or routine tasks required to maintain your accreditation. 

Webinar Library—These online seminars were created with facilities in mind and are designed to provide more details on a variety topics from preparing for your accreditation to patient care documentation.

Podcast Library—Credcast, ABC’s podcast series, covers facility accreditation topics ranging from privileging to surveyor insights as well as other ABC and O&P related topics.

Top 10 Overlooked Items & What to Expect during Your ABC Onsite Survey—An informative review of the top 10 items often overlooked by business owners as they prepare for their survey. ABC surveyors find that missing these key elements of the survey could mean the difference between passing and failing. Also included is information on everything you can expect during the survey, from when your surveyor arrives at your facility to what they’ll be asking to see while there and when you’ll receive your results.

Online FAQs—Detailed information on the most common questions applicants ask regarding every aspect of the accreditation process.

Additional Resources—Other value added resources to help you with your business include:

  • 15% discount on property and liability insurance premiums through Cailor Fleming.
  • Discount on certificate framing.

Medicare Resources

Contact Medicare directly for additional information about CMS standards and resources.

Additional Information


HITECH is the law passed to encourage the adoption of electronic health records (EHR) by 2016, which includes financial incentives. After 2016, penalties may be levied against suppliers who do not use EHRs. HITECH did have an effect on HIPAA by adjusting how facilities must notify patients if it is suspected that their protected health information is compromised, along with a few other subtle changes.

General Services Administration (GSA) Excluded Parties Systems

 The capabilities of searching within Central Contractor Registration (CCR)/FedReg, Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) and Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) have been consolidated to Systems for Award Management (SAM)