Mastectomy Facility Accreditation Guide

October 2023


Performance Management and Improvement (PM)

The Performance Management Standard allow you to track and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business and patient care procedures. You must have a program in place to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of your patient care.


Your performance management program must include the use of a patient satisfaction survey.


If you do not have a patient satisfaction survey of your own, many national associations and other groups have them as free resources or for purchase and can be adapted for use in your business. It is recommended that your patient satisfaction survey be conducted within two months following the provision of a new or replacement bra or prosthesis. Your survey should be designed to gather many types of information, including:

  • Satisfaction with the product and your services
  • Your timeliness in responding to questions, problems and concerns
  • The convenience of your business hours and ability to schedule an appointment

Use the How to Write and Analyze Patient Satisfaction Surveys in the online Resource Pack to help you create your satisfaction survey