Mastectomy Facility Accreditation Guide

October 2023


Application Information

Once your facility has met the eligibility criteria and is compliant with the Standards, you are ready to begin the online application process. New applicants must submit a request to create an account in order to begin the application process. Renewing applicants must use their existing login information in order to access the renewal application.

You must apply for all products and services your facility currently provides as well as apply for all operational facilities within your organization. All fields must be completed, and the non-negotiable, non-refundable accreditation application fee must be included in order to submit your online application. An incomplete application or missing documentation will delay your accreditation process.

Do not submit your application until you have met the eligibility criteria and become compliant with the Mastectomy Facility Accreditation Standards. Submitting your application signifies that your facility is available for an onsite survey.

The following items are required with your completed application:

  • Application fee (non-negotiable and nonrefundable)
  • Good standing of annual fees for existing accredited facilities (any outstanding annual fees must be paid before application can be submitted)
  • Valid email address to receive communication from ABC
  • Proof of certification and /or state licenses of staff providing patient care services.

It is NOT necessary to submit copies of certifications for ABC credentialed individuals:

  • Legal documentation of ownership (e.g. Articles of Incorporation, Transfer of Shares Certificate)
  • Narrative of your criminal history (if applicable)

If necessary, we may require additional information or clarification in order to finalize the review of your application. All information and application materials are solely used by ABC and its surveyors or as required by law. All submissions are handled in accordance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) regulations.

After you have submitted your application, you will receive email confirmations throughout each step of the accreditation process.

Incomplete Applications

If your application is missing information or if staff needs additional clarification regarding your submission, we will contact you via email. If no response is received, we will send the request by certified mail to the primary contact listed on your application. We must receive all requested materials by the final deadline indicated in the letter. If your application is still incomplete by the deadline, your application will be denied, and your application fees will be forfeited. If your application is denied, you must resubmit a new application and fees. Incomplete applications will only be processed after all required documents and/or fees are received. Any delay in completing your application could result in a delay in your survey and accreditation decision.

Falsification of your Application

If we discover that you have provided false or misleading information on your application or that you have misrepresented your accreditation status to outside parties, ABC may take any or all of the following actions:

  • Deny the application
  • Deny reapplication for accreditation
  • Revoke any existing ABC accreditations for all related primary or affiliate facilities
  • Revoke any existing ABC credentials from individuals found to be responsible for the falsification
  • Refer the incident to the Professional Discipline Committee (PDC)
  • Pursue legal action against your facility

Office Hours

Your onsite survey will occur during the days and hours of operation listed on your application, which must accurately reflect the days and hours that you have posted for the public. If your facility is by appointment only, you must note this in your online application by selecting the days you are available for appointments.

It is very important that you inform us of all schedule changes while you are awaiting an onsite survey, as all surveys are unannounced.

Application Hold Request Policy

If your facility is not ready for the survey, is undergoing a major change (such as an ownership change, location move, opening another facility within the next 90 days) or will be unavailable for more than 14 total or consecutive days, you must put your application on hold. This will remove your application from the survey queue. Your application will remain on hold until you notify us in writing or for up to four months. The four-month period begins on the date the application was initially received. All requests for holds must be submitted in writing. These requests must be on company letterhead, signed and dated by the accreditation contact, CEO or owner of the company or email from one of the aforementioned personnel to You must notify us in writing when you wish to reactivate your application. If a request to reactivate your application is not received at the end of the four months, the application will be denied and the facility will need to resubmit all application materials, including the appropriate fees.

Affiliate Locations

Affiliates are secondary patient-care locations that meet the following criteria:

  • Share the corporate structure and utilizes the same policies and procedures of the primary practice
  • Share the same Federal Tax ID number as the primary facility
  • Maintain separate NPI and PTAN numbers
  • Are located within a 100-mile driving distance of the primary facility

Designating affiliates allows organizations to apply for multiple locations at once while reducing overall accreditation fees. Affiliate accreditation always expires with the primary location, including any affiliates that are added mid-accreditation of the primary site. Each primary location may designate up to four affiliates. Facilities, including renewals, with more than four affiliates must make the fifth affiliate a primary location, which then can list four additional affiliates. Secondary locations that do not meet the criteria for affiliates as outlined above must submit an application as a primary location with the appropriate fees.

Administrative Offices and Warehouse Locations

You must list all related administrative locations and product warehouses on your application and include a detailed statement describing what activities or items are at those facilities. These are locations that do not provide patient care services but are integral to your practice.

As such, an onsite survey is required for all warehouse and administrative offices and the base affiliate fee will be assessed if within a 100-mile distance. Those located more than 100 miles from the primary location will be assessed the base primary survey fee. Warehouse and administrative office accreditation fees must be submitted with the application. Accreditation is not award to these types of locations; annual fees are not assessed for administration offices or warehouses.

Third Party Consultant Materials Policy

We recognize that there are several organizations and consultants that provide a variety of accreditation services. Third party materials and services are not reviewed or endorsed by ABC, nor can we recommend any company providing these services. You may utilize a third party’s materials and services at your discretion; however, you are not required to use a third party to assist with the accreditation process. We advise all facilities to conduct thorough research of any consulting company you wish to use.

Essentially Women’s (EW) Discount

Mastectomy only facilities that are active members of the Essentially Women buying group are eligible for a discount on their accreditation fee. These facilities must provide their EW membership number in the designated area in the online application. Requests for discount reimbursement or refunds after the application has been submitted will not be accepted. EW members that are providing services in addition to mastectomy, such as Orthotics and Prosthetics, are not eligible for a discount.