Central Fabrication

All central fabrication facilities must meet the following basic criteria before applying for accreditation.  

Your central fabrication organization must be:

  • Located within the United States, one of its territories or possessions.
  • A formally organized and legally established business that provides onsite custom fabrication of orthotic, prosthetic and/or pedorthic items/devices for external patient care providers.
  • Licensed according to applicable state and federal laws and regulations and maintains all current legal authorization to operate.
  • A physical location that operates in an appropriate central fabrication setting. The decision of what is an appropriate central fabrication setting is solely within ABC's discretion.
  • Staffed with board certified or licensed personnel appropriate to the scope of services you provide.
  • Not have any individuals with ownership interest that appear on the Office of Inspector General (OIG) exclusion list.

In addition, you must: 

Apply for CFab Facility Accreditation


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