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Practitioner Candidate Guide

April 2024

Exam Policies and Information

Exam Dates/Locations Confirmation

Written and Simulation Exams

You will receive an Authorization-to-Test (ATT) letter by email from ABC, which provides an explanation of the test site selection process. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions in the letter to make an appointment for an exam date, time and location.

Clinical Patient Management Exams

You will receive written confirmation and logistical information for the CPM exam approximately 30-45 days prior to the scheduled session.  All CPM dates are tentative.  You should not make travel arrangements until ABC has notified you of the date and time of your exam.

Due to the logistical requirements of the CPM exam, limitations on the number of candidates who can be accepted for testing may apply. In this event, you will be notified of a deferral to the next available session. Exam fees will be deferred to the next session.

Although every effort is made to accommodate every candidate, ABC reserves the right to limit the number of candidates should space be restricted. Applications and registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, based on your application approval date, not the date that your application was submitted.

Examination Admittance

Written and Simulation Exams

You must arrive at your assigned testing location or remote proctored appointment at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled exam time and present your valid photo ID. If you are late, you will not be able to test. No exceptions will be made.

You are required to show one current form of identification, which must be an unexpired government-issued photo identification document with signature (e.g., driver’s license or passport). The name on the identification document must match the name on the ATT letter. You will not be permitted to test without the required identification. No exceptions will be made.

Clinical Patient Management Exams

You must bring your valid photo ID (driver’s license or passport) to the exam. Your identity will be confirmed by an ABC staff member prior to admission to the exam. You will not be permitted to test without the required identification. No exceptions will be made.

Cancellation/Refund Policies

ABC understands that circumstances may occur that may cause you to have to cancel your upcoming exam. If you are unable to take the exam that you registered for, you must notify ABC immediately. Cancellations are effective the date they are received.

Written and Simulation Exams

Cancellations received 30 days or more prior to your scheduled exam date will be eligible for a refund or deferral of your exam fee(s).

There will be a cancellation fee if we are notified less than 30 days prior to your scheduled exam. Cancellations made within five (5) days of the scheduled exam date will result in forfeiture of your exam fee.

Cancellations should be carefully considered. Please reference your ATT letter for a full explanation of our testing service's cancellation and/or rescheduling policy.

Please note:  If you fail to schedule an appointment with our testing service for your registered exam session, you will forfeit the exam fee(s). Your eligibility period will not be extended.

Clinical Patient Management Exams

You must notify ABC at least 20 days prior to your exam to be eligible for a refund or deferral of the exam fee. If you notify ABC less than 20 days prior to your exam, you will forfeit the exam fee. Your eligibility period will not be extended.

Extenuating circumstances may be considered. Such requests must be in writing, include your signature and the reason(s) for the request along with supporting documentation.

Remote Proctored Exams

If choosing a remote proctored exam, you will provide a computer with a camera, microphone, a reliable internet connection and a private room with a cleared desk.  You are assuming responsibility for any interruptions that may void your exam.  We recommend using your own personal computer and not a company computer. 

Click here to review the Remote Proctor User Guide in preparation for your exam.

Test Center Closings

Written and Simulation Exams

If a testing center must close, affecting your scheduled test date every effort will be made to provide you with options that may include: 

  • having your exam rescheduled to an alternate date determined jointly by ABC and our testing service,
  • a full refund of your exam fees or
  • deferment of your exam to the next exam session.

Hazardous Weather

If you are unable to travel to your testing center due to hazardous weather, you must notify ABC immediately at to be eligible for a deferral, refund or rescheduling options.

Misconduct During Exam

The following activities are prohibited:

  • Failure to observe any rules of conduct as outlined by the test proctor
  • Copy in writing or otherwise record or transmit to others any exam questions or answers or other aspects of the nature or content of the exam
  • Bringing any answering agent of any nature (i.e., books, notes, electronic devices) to the exam
  • Offer, assist or solicit assistance from other candidates, examiners or those responsible for the administration of the exam
  • Engage in any other conduct or inappropriate behavior that is injurious to the integrity of the exam or to any of its participants

Dismissal Policies

If you are observed engaging in any of the above activities, you will be dismissed from the exam and forfeit your exam fee.  You may also be barred from future exams, and your period of eligibility may be affected.

Misconduct during exams will be referred to ABC’s Professional Ethics Committee for review and determination of a possible ethical violation.



The exams are offered in English only. No translators or translation devices will be allowed during the exam.

Candidate Information Confidentiality

ABC is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your records and has policies to ensure your privacy. Information about your exam results is not released to any third party, other than state licensure boards, if required, in response to a valid subpoena, or by your request.

Data Compilation

ABC may develop and publish statistical data regarding the exams; however, your identity will not be divulged.