Orthotic Fitter

Precertification Course Providers

​Breg, Inc.
Contact: Cynthia Henderson, CO
Phone: (405) 824-3614
Email: chenderson@breg.com

CFS Allied Health Education
Contact: Yolanda Sevier, C.Ped., CFo
Phone: (918) 266-3678
Email: yolanda@cfsclassroom.com

DJO Global
Contact: Tania Babineau
Phone: (781) 290-1880
Email:  Tania.Babineau@djoglobal.com

Contact: Minerva Mendoza, CFo ​
Phone: (530) 229-0337
Email:  minerva@oandpedu.com

Orthocare Medical Equipment, LLC
Contact: Dianah Shelley, CFo
Phone: (603) 668-6688, ext. 22
Email: dianah@orthocaremedical.com




Contact our Team

Photo of Stephen Fletcher, CPO

Stephen Fletcher, CPO

Director, Professional Credentialing

Directs ABC’s Professional Ethics, Certification, Scope of Practice and Government Relations programs. Manages all ABC’s certification exam development and administration activities. Facilitates coordination of professional/clinical issues across all ABC programs, including state licensure.

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Photo of Meg Hayes

Meg Hayes

Certification Program Assistant

Primary contact for: general certification and application inquiries and state licensure verification requests

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Photo of Tabita Whilden

Tabita Whilden

Certification Technology Coordinator

Contact for: certification data management, assistance with certification verifications, exam registration and website assistance.

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Photo of Lauren Moran

Lauren Moran

Certification Candidate Coordinator

Contact for: certification program inquiries, certification application assistance and status and licensure examination inquiries.

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