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ABC has long recognized the need for effective professional continuing education. Continuing education is the norm in the health care profession and serves to maintain and improve the health care system and delivery of services.

Continuing Education

You are required to participate in continuing education in order to maintain your ABC credential. Your certification is time-limited and expires every five years. During that five-year period, you must earn the required number of credits for your discipline in order to maintain your certification.  

Pedorthist (CPed)

  • A total of 50 credits must be earned during your five-year cycle. All credits may be earned in Category I Science.
  • A minimum of 25 credits must be Category I Science.
  • A maximum of 25 credits may be Category I or II Business or Category II Science.

Failure to Satisfy the Requirements

Certified Pedorthists who fail to satisfy the continuing education requirement within the five-year cycle must complete 10 penalty credits in addition to the number of credits they are deficient. These credits must be earned within the following calendar year. Of the 10 penalty credits, a minimum of 5 must be Category I Science.

Guide to Maintaining Your Certification

Complete with all of the information needed to stay certified.


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Michelle Gleeson, PhD

Director, Continuing Education

Directs all aspects of the continuing education policy development and administration, as well as education provider management and precertification course approvals.

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Brooke Smith

Manager, Continuing Education

Primary contact for: customer service including identifying credit opportunities and assisting with CE statements.

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Erin Seabrook

Continuing Education Coordinator

Primary contact for: all continuing education inquiries

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Amanda Aguilar

Continuing Education Coordinator

Primary contact for: all continuing education inquiries

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