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Guide to Maintaining Your Certification

February 2020


Staying Certified—Three Things You MUST Do


1. Abide by the Code of Professional Responsibility

As an ABC certified individual you must abide by the Code of Professional Responsibility in order to maintain your certification. This includes abiding by the rules and policies of the board and conducting yourself in a manner that brings credit to the profession. If necessary, you must disclose any incidences of illegal, improper and/or unethical conduct of others in order to maintain the integrity of the profession. The Code is available on the ABC website.

2. Pay Your Annual Renewal Fees

All certified individuals must pay an annual renewal fee to maintain their certification. Fees are due on December 1 for the following fiscal year and notices are sent in mid-September. If you earned your certification prior to November, your annual fee will be prorated for the first year’s certification fee.

Past-Due with your Annual Fee

If you fail to renew your certification annually, by not paying your annual fee, you will no longer possess your ABC credential and you are not permitted to use the credential or the ABC logo in any circumstance. You will no longer receive the O&P Almanac, Mark of Merit newsletter or be listed in the ABC online directory.

If you have let your certification lapse for up to two years due to non-payment but have continued to maintain your continuing education credits, you can reinstate your original certification by paying all past due and current renewal fees. All submitted fees will be applied to the oldest balance due.

If your certification has not been renewed for more than two years, you can only reinstate your revoked credential by passing the discipline specific certification exam(s) and paying the current year’s annual fee. You are not required to meet the current educational and experiential requirements. Upon passing the exam(s), you will receive a new certification number, certification date and CE expiration date.

3. Continue Your Education

You must earn a specific number of credits during your five-year certification cycle with the intent that you keep current with new technology, techniques and advanced knowledge required to deliver the highest level of patient care.