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When referring your patients for orthotic, prosthetic, pedorthic, or mastectomy care, you want to know they will receive compassionate care and the best possible outcome. Choosing an ABC certified professional and an ABC accredited facility is the best way to ensure quality care for your patient.

ABC certified professionals are considered leaders in the profession and provide the highest quality patient care, along with excellence in research and device design. Individuals certified by ABC must meet stringent educational standards, clinical training and a complete assessment of their competency.

Facility accreditation provides standards for quality healthcare in orthotic, prosthetic, pedorthic and mastectomy practices. The standards upheld by ABC accredited facilities encourage best practices in patient care, safety, professionalism and organizational performance.

ABC believes in maintaining the highest standards of patient care and ethical behavior and established the Professional Discipline Program to enforce the Code of Professional Responsibility. The Code was created by the profession to ensure that any person or facility awarded certification or accreditation by ABC is practicing in accordance with the highest professional standards.

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