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The public, as well as those who pay for healthcare, require and deserve assurance that those providing orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic services and care are fully qualified and appropriately educated. It is good practice for health care professionals to know that the orthotic, prosthetic or pedorthic care their members are receiving, and paying for, is being endorsed by the highest credentialing body in the profession.

The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc. (ABC) has been the leading credentialing body for the profession since 1948. Known nationally and internationally for maintaining the highest standards of patient care for credentialed individuals and facilities, ABC’s unparalleled certification and facility accreditation programs are recognized as the gold standard for the profession. ABC Certified Orthotists, Prosthetists, Pedorthists, Assistants, Fitters and Technicians are acknowledged by the profession, insurance groups and referring physicians as the best educated, most rigorously trained and tested individuals providing healthcare in the orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic profession today.

It is probably assumed that you would look for the most appropriate certification and accreditation for other providers in the medical industry such as doctors and dentists. Shouldn’t there be the same accountability for the provision of orthotics, prosthetics and pedorthics? Healthcare professionals need assurances that they making the best referral decisions for their members. ABC is that assurance.

Currently, there is no national licensure for orthotic, prosthetic or pedorthic providers. Individual states are responsible for setting the education, training and testing standards for orthotists, prosthetists and pedorthists. Only 13 states currently have licensure laws for the profession; therefore, professional certification continues to be the national standard used by many insurers and Medicare.

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The role of ABC is to ensure the highest level of accreditation, certification, professionalism and ethical standards for those providing orthotic, prosthetic, pedorthic, or mastectomy care.