2023 September Mark of Merit

ABC Turns 75!
Seventy-five years ago on September 9, 1948, formal articles of incorporation were filed on behalf of a small group of orthotic and prosthetic practitioners and orthopedic surgeons to establish...
Upcoming Annual Renewal Deadline
Your 2024 annual fees to maintain your certification and/or accreditation are due...
Leading the Way - Part One
We’ve come such a long way both as an organization and a profession. We’ve seen a great deal and learned even more, especially from those who have experienced it with us.
CredCast Corner
Newest Credcast Episodes are LIVE!
Volunteers: The Core of ABC’s Success
Volunteers are a big part of ABC’s 75-year history. This is why we want to introduce Digital Badges to all Volunteers and Ambassadors. We hope all volunteers proudly display their new badge in their email signature, company website and LinkedIn profile.
CPM Exams Get Updated
The CPM Exams were the third and final practitioner certification exams to be updated to reflect the findings in last year’s...
Reminder: CEU's
If your five-year continuing education cycle ends on December 31, 2023, it’s time to make sure you have fulfilled all your credit requirements.
ABC Celebrates 75 Years at AOPA Assembly
ABC celebrates its 75th Anniversary at this year's AOPA National Assembly in Indianapolis.
ABC Provides Pedorthic Pre-Certification Course Approval
The ABC Board of Directors recently took action to create a pathway for future pedorthists to receive approved education and pursue a career in pedorthics.

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