2022 March Mark of Merit

ABC Commits $1 Million in Student Scholarships
In January, we announced our commitment to provide $1 million in OP&P scholarships over the next five years to orthotist/prosthetist, technician and pedorthist students...
Career Awareness Initiative Progress Update
The Career Awareness Initiative is moving right along and most of the research on our target audiences has been completed. McCabe Message Partners, our communications partner on this project, undertook a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research...
Ready to Volunteer?
We are currently seeking nominations for an open director position on the ABC Board of Directors. Each position has a four-year commitment beginning December 1, 2022.
Don’t Wait Till the End of the Year!
If your five-year continuing education cycle ends on December 31, 2022, don’t wait until the last minute to start earning  the credits you need. While five years is a long time, sometimes even the most important to-dos can get lost in the shuffle. 
Workplace Culture Resources Page Now Available!
With so many great resources available to help create a positive workplace culture, we decided it would make it easier  for you to find and utilize these resources if they were in one place.
ABC Annual Report Coming Soon
The 2021 ABC Annual Report will be available later this month at ABCop.org/AR2021. This year’s report summarizes our activities for the past year.
CredCast Corner
LAST MONTH…EP. 38: CMS's PRIOR AUTHORIZATION PROGRAM: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE NEWLY ADDED CODES - CMS has added five additional orthotic HCPCS codes to the Master List. What challenges does this present to real-time healthcare? 
Practitioner Practice Analysis Update
ABC volunteers met January 16-17 to implement the important next step in the 2021 Orthotist/Prosthetist Practice Analysis Study.
Clinical Training & Assessment Conference
In late March, ABC and NCOPE are co-sponsoring a conference to examine the current residency structures and the ABC exams that follow them.

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