Supervision Changes to the Scope of Practice

The ABC Board of Directors recently approved changes to two of the Supervision definitions in the Scope of Practice, effective January 1, 2024.  

The board voted to add language in the Assistant and Indirect Supervision sections of the Scope of Practice that states: 

The maximum permissible ratio of certified assistants to the supervising prosthetist or orthotist is 5:1.

To address the increasing use of telehealth, new verbiage was added to the definition of Direct Supervision:

This level of supervision requires the supervising credentialed individual to be available for consultation throughout the patient care process. The supervisor must:

  • Be physically on site or be available in real-time via audio and visual technology while the care is being provided
  • Perform a real-time visual assessment of the care provided to the patient
  • Review the documentation of the services rendered by the supervised individual
  • Countersign all entries by the caregiver in the patient’s clinical record within 15 days


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