Amputee Coalition Patient Resources

As part of our partnership with the Amputee Coalition, all ABC accredited facilities providing prosthetic care received a packet of resource materials in the mail for their patients.

Each facility was sent 10 copies of the newest version of their First Step publication to help support the mission of providing patient centered care. Facility owners also received a Your New Journey folder which can be used to provide additional patient resources.

In addition, as part of our new partnership, the AC included a Promoting Amputee Life Skills (PALS) flyer that can be posted in the facility. PALS is an online, interactive program developed by AC and Johns Hopkins University to help individuals manage their life after limb loss. The program contains information that patients can access from their home or their local library to assist with their recovery and readjustment.

Our hope is that facility owners and their patients will find these items helpful and we are excited about working with the Amputee Coalition to offer you these and other resources in the future.