New Compliance Calendar is On its Way

Be on the lookout for your 2020 Compliance Calendar in the mail this month, an important part of your Accreditation Compliance Kit. The calendar is designed to help make accreditation compliance simple and successful and this year, we’re spelling it out for you in a way that’s sure to make you smile. The calendar will help you keep track of important compliance milestones. It highlights key standards as well as those that have presented the biggest challenges for facilities over the past year.

What else is part of the Accreditation Compliance Kit? 

In addition to the Compliance Calendar, be sure to utilize these kit resources:

Patient Care Accreditation Guide—everything you need to get on board with accreditation compliance including a listing of all of the standards and additional words of wisdom to help unscramble any confusion.

Resource Pack—your online resource for sample forms, templates, checklists and articles available for you to review, use and modify to fit your practice’s needs. Look for the RP icon throughout the calendar and access the Resource Pack from your facility’s MY ABC account.

Free Lunch Postcard Challenge—It’s back!

Once again, we're testing your compliance knowledge for a chance to win a Free Lunch for you and your staff in December 2020! Simply answer the questions on the postcards included with your calendar and mail them in at the assigned time. Make sure your accreditation compliance officer is in the know about participating. GOOD LUCK!




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