Technician  Exam Prep

We have numerous resources available for you as you prepare to sit for your ABC Technician Certification Exams. These include the Practice Analysis, sample exam questions and the information outlined below, all created exclusively for your use. 

O&P Technician Practice Analysis

​A Practice Analysis, or role delineation, is a study of the profession that provides a foundation for the exam content. It gives you an in-depth look at the profession, is used by the exam development committees to create our comprehensive, contemporary and relevant exams.​

Reference & Reading List

​This is another great source of information to help you prepare is your exam​. This list is used by the exam writers to validate the correct answers to the exam questions. You may also want to refer to published journal articles, reference lists and the textbooks from your educational program.​

Also consider reviewing basic test taking principals. Numerous references for exam prep, reducing exam anxiety and study tips are available from a wide array of publishers.​

Test Content Outline

One helpful study resource is the Assistant Test Content Outline​​. The outline is broken down by domain; each domain section indicates the percentage of emphasis the elements of practice in that domain receives on the exams. For each Practice Domain listed on the Test Content Outline, you should plan on familiarizing yourself with clinical, technical or general practice information related to that domain.

Sample Exam Questions

The sample O&P Technician Written Exam includes questions similar to those you will find on the actual exam(s), giving you a feel for the types of questions asked and how they are structured.

Review Courses

You might consider taking an exam review course, or purchasing exam prep materials that are available from multiple sources. We neither sponsors nor endorses review/preparatory courses or any exam preparation materials. Your review may include specific O&P material, or might be in the general area of test taking techniques.​

Study Groups

Consider forming a small exam study group. Candidates who pool their resources and study together may be more confident in their knowledge and more likely to pass the exam.

Your study group might consider scheduling to take the exam at the same time, traveling to the exam site together and supporting one another every step of the way.

Work Experience

One of the most important parts of your preparation for the technician certification exam(s) is completion of your work experience. The competency assessments that are a part of each technician self-assessment checklist are a good gauge of your knowledge and skills in a particular practice area. This is critical to your learning and progression from student to independent care provider.​

Exam Results

​If you are retaking your exam, review your Score Report and identify the domain areas where you have the most opportunity to improve.

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