We've launched an OP&P Career Awareness Initiative that we hope will educate, excite and encourage future OP&P (POP) professionals. 

Growing the profession will help ensure a strong and competent workforce ready to serve an ever-growing patient population and an even stronger voice willing to make a difference.

We’re looking for leaders like you to help us grow the profession. Contact us today to become an Ambassador and help spread the word about the profession you love.  

2022 Campaign Report

Explore the quantitative and qualitative research we conducted to explore key topics and help shape the strategy for our campaign’s tactical approaches.

Ambassador Toolkit

Coming Soon!
Materials and resources to help POP Ambassadors and ABC credential holders promote OP&P as a career within their communities and beyond. 

POP Careers Website

Coming Soon!
An overview of careers in the profession with videos and interactive features promoting why young professionals have chosen a career in POP. 

Interesting in helping with this initiative? Contact us today!

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Mary Walsh-Aframe, CFm, Awarded 2022 Essentially Women Ruth Addison Award

Essentially Women (EW) presented the award to Walsh Aframe at a special ceremony during Focus Conference 2022 in Clearwater Beach, Fla. Mary is the owner and founder of The Women’s Image Center in Worcester, MA.

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