ABC Releases Certified Technician Practice Analysis

Debbie Ayres

ABC recently released the 2017 Practice Analysis of Certified Technicians in the Disciplines of Orthotics and Prosthetics. ABC's Practice Analysis Task Force and ABC Executive Director, Cathy Carter, worked with Professional Examination Services to create and implement a practice analysis of ABC Certified Technicians.

ABC last conducted a practice analysis study of technicians in 2011. In 2016, technicians were resurveyed in order to identify changes related to orthotic and prosthetic care, available componentry and the technology in use today.

The goal of the practice analysis is to determine current trends in the provision of prosthetic and orthotic services by technicians.

"We wanted to get an idea of what current orthotic and prosthetic technician practice looks like in order to meet the ever changing needs of the profession," said Robert Carlile, CPA, CTPO, ABC's Practice Analysis Task Force Chair. "We were very pleased with the participation and valuable input we received from the professionals surveyed."

The overall return rate for the survey was 30%, which is a very positive return rate for this type of survey. "The technicians who participated in the survey have provided a great service to their profession," said Carlile. "Only those working within the profession can give us a comprehensive and contemporary look into their specific knowledge and skill sets."

ABC will use the results of the practice analysis survey to assure that it's orthotic and prosthetic technician credentialing exam is continually relevant for individuals entering the profession. The results will also be used to identify content for in-service and/or continuing education, as well as provide guidance for education programs in regard to curriculum review and/or program self-assessment.

"As a result of the survey, we'll be able to provide the National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (NCOPE) with pertinent information on what orthotic and prosthetic technician students need to learn and what information to disseminate," said Cathy Carter, ABC Executive Director.

The ABC Practice Analysis Task Force included: Robert Carlile, CPA, CTPO, Chair; Louise Bensley, CTPO; Ryan Calococci, CTPO; Lonny Damewood, CTP; Dennis Dillard, CTO, C.Ped.; Scott French, CPOA, CTO; Timothy E. Miller, CPO; Joe See, CTP; Tony Wickman, CTPO; Scott Wimberley, CPA, CTPO and Stephen B. Fletcher, CPO, LPO.

A complete copy of the Practice Analysis of Certified Technicians in the Discipline of Orthotics and Prosthetics is available at www.abcop.org.