ABC to Conduct Pedorthist and Technician Practice Analyses

Debbie Ayres

​The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc. (ABC) is conducting two extensive surveys of ABC pedorthists and technicians to collect detailed information necessary to develop new practice analyses of these two disciplines. The participation of all ABC certified pedorthists and technicians is critical. 

Last published for pedorthists and technicians in 2010 and 2011 respectively, ABC practice analyses are a validation study focusing on providing a contemporary description of the tasks and responsibilities of the orthotic and prosthetic profession. The survey results will be used in the development of future valid and reliable exams; to determine current trends and directions in practice; to provide a framework for education and accreditation and to convey to those outside our disciplines the scope of services provided by certified pedorthists and technicians. 

It is critical that we obtain as many informed responses as possible in order to ensure the quality of the certification exam and to make sure it fully assesses the domains, tasks, knowledge and skills needed in the profession.

The surveys will be emailed to all ABC certified pedorthists and technicians in August. Data collection is the most critical step in developing any practice analysis and we encourage all ABC Certified Pedorthists and Technicians to participate in these important surveys. If we do not have your current email address, please send it as soon as possible to info@abcop.org.  

“These detailed surveys will allow us to build the practice profiles of the contemporary pedorthist and technician, and therefore identify the essential knowledge and skills needed in the delivery of proper patient care. Participation from the O&P community is critical. Once the practice analyses are complete, they will serve as blueprints for all aspects of contemporary practice,” according to Chris Fairman, CPO and ABC President.

Certified pedorthists and technicians are in a unique position to provide vital information about the practice of O&P and contribute to the future of the profession by completing and returning the survey. We encourage your support.