Obtain My Credit List


​​As a credentialed individual in good standing with ABC, you are able to print a list of your continuing education credits using the options below, both of which are also available through your MY ABC portal. The button for logging in to your account is located on the top right of this page. 

  • Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) statement  This report will only show credits applicable to a specific MCE cycle (current MCE Effective Date through Expiration Date). If you maintain more than one credential, you need to select from the list of active credentials for which you would like to print an MCE statement.
  • Continuing Education Activities Report (CEAR) statement  This report allows you to enter a specific timeframe relevant to your personal needs. (i.e. documentation for license renewal, contract applications, ensuring hospital privileges, etc.)

These reports are available only for those credentials currently in good standing with ABC. Should access be denied due to non-payment, you will need to pay all outstanding balances related to that specific credential to run a credit statement. Credit statements are not available online for those credentials that are suspended. 

Please be advised that sponsors have up to 30 days to provide ABC with sign-in sheets. Updates will be made within one to two weeks of ABC receiving the information. 

Credits for eLearning​​ courses are entered on a monthly basis.

If any course information is missing after six ​weeks, please contact us at MCE@abcop.org. Please provide the course title, sponsor, date and location within the text of the email.

Should there be any discrepancies with your personal records, please submit any changes to ABC at the fax or address below. You must provide the accurate course title, sponsor, date and location of the activity. Without this information, sign-in sheets cannot be located and verified. A new statement will be mailed to you with any corrections. An omission from your record could mean that the sign-in sheets were not received from the sponsor.

Please send your request to:

MCE Department
330 John Carlyle St., Suite 210
Alexandria, VA  22314 

Fax: (703) 836-0838