Maintain Certification

You are required to participate in Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) in order to maintain your ABC credential(s). Your credential(s) will be renewed at the end of each five year MCE cycle after the minimum number of required credits have been earned. Each credential type has a specific number of credits that must be earned. Please select the appropriate credential type below for the specific requirements for the credential you maintain with ABC.  ​

 Reporting Errors

If you believe there is an error on your statement, please mail a copy of your statement with the corrected information noted and any necessary documentation to ABC.

​We recommend that you retain copies of your statements along with other relevant information in your personal continuing education file.

 Signing in for Courses

Always use your ABC certification number when signing in for courses in order to receive credits. Failure to do so could result in no credit being earned for your participation.

 Accrual of Credits

  • Credits earned in your five-year cycle that exceed the amount required cannot be applied toward future continuing education cycles. However, if you earn the minimum required credits before the end of your five-year cycle, you can request to start your next five-year cycle early. From that point, all credits earned will be applied to your new cycle.​

  • Only credits earned after your most current MCE effective date may be credited towards satisfying your continuing education requirement.

  • You may only attend the same live course twice within a five year period, but not within the same year, and still receive credit.​

 Earning Credits

​To ensure that you are maintaining your certification through appropriate learning activities relevant to your ABC credential, ABC will award discipline specific credits, when appropriate and feasible, to Category I approved programs. If you are not credentialed by ABC in the approved discipline(s), Category II credits may be awarded. Although ABC will acknowledge content outside of your scope of practice, you are required to earn the majority of your continuing education credits on content specifically related to your ABC credential.

For additional information, please refer to the Guide to Maintaining Your Certification.​

The ABC Board of Directors reserves the right to amend all policies and procedures governing ABC's continuing education program.​​