Mastectomy Fitter Pre-Cert Courses

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Below is a list of the qualified providers:

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American Association of Breast Care Professionals
Contact: Rhonda Turner, CFm
Phone: (800) 892-1683
Email: info@aabcp.org

American Breast Care, LP
Contact: Nikki M. Giamarino, CFm
Phone: (770) 933-3444, ext 234
Email: nikki@americanbreastcare.com

Contact: Susan Murray
Phone: (770) 281-8580
Email: susan.murray@amoena.com
Anita International Corporation
Contact: Colleen Ruby
Phone: (800) 866-6223
Email: colleen.ruby@anita.net

Contact: Aoife Canny
Phone: (646) 256-3365
Email: acanny@jodeeinc.com​

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Contact: Gail Schilling, BSN, RN
Phone: (530) 229-0337
Email: trainingstaff@oandpedu.com

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, Orthotic & Prosthetic Technologies
Contact: OSUIT O&P
Phone: (918) 293-5330
St. Petersburg College
Contact: Giovanna Taylor
Phone: (727) 341-3374

Contact: Taryn Kovack
Phone: (800) 788-2267 ext. 3209
Email: tkovack@trulife.com

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