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​ABC has compiled the following information to provide you with commonly referenced information about Medicare and your facility's accreditation. This information is provided to you as a service of ABC. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the CMS website.

According to CMS rules and regulations, several supplier types are exempt from accreditation requirements.​

These include:
​​Physicians​ ​Opticians Occupational Therapists​
Orthotists​ ​Optometrists Physical Therapists​
​Prosthetists Audiologists​ Ocularists​
​Keep in mind that accreditation exemptions only extend to the normal scope of practice for each credential. Any products or services provided outside the normal range of services will require accreditation to obtain/maintain Medicare billing privileges. 

For example, if you provide Durable Medical Equipment (DME) outside of your specialty, your facility will be required to be accredited in order to bill Medicare. For more information regarding exempt status, please visit the National Supplier Clearinghouse's website​.

The following resources are provided for your reference.


  • Medicare's Supplier Standards: ABC's accreditation standards include all 30 of Medicare's supplier standards. For a complete list of these standards, refer to the CMS w​​eb​site.  
  • National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC) numbers: You do not need a NSC number to apply for accreditation. As of March 1, 2008 non-exempt suppliers enrolling with NSC must be accredited prior to submission of CMS-855S to the NSC.
  •  Affiliate Locations: All affiliate locations need a separate PTAN (CMS supplier number) and NPI number.
  • ​Updating contact and business ownership information with CMS: You are required to keep all information related to your facility current with CMS.

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