Annual Accreditation Task Planner

​​​​​​​​​​​​It's important to maintain your accreditation year round, tackling a little at a time and paying particular attention to the ABC Standards that require an annual or routine task. Make sure you add this annual standards checklist to your calendar each year and you’ll be well on your way to maintaining your accreditation! 

​ Annual Checklist​         

        ❏  AD.5.1 and AD.5.2: Check all employees and new hires (W-2 and
​             ​​contracted) against the OIG List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE).​​
        ❏  H​R.2: Verify and document that all employee licenses, registrations and​
​             certifications are up-to-date. ​​
       ​ ❏  HR.4: Verify and document the completion of continuing education for
​             all certified staff. ​
        ❏  HR.7: Perform and document your employees’ annual performance
appraisals. ​
        ❏  HR.7.1: Assess and document the continuing competence of your staff
             as it relates to the equipment, items and services they provide. ​​
        ❏  PC.8.1: Assess your potential exposure to disasters/emergencies (severe weather, fires, etc.) and ensure that your
contingency plan addresses those exposures. Make adjustments if needed. ​
        ❏  PS.3: Review your annual facility safety program. ​

        ❏  PM.10: Conduct your annual performance management review.
        ❏  FS.1: Conduct your annual safety inspection. ​
        ❏  FS.3.2.1: Conduct your annual emergency evacuation drill. ​​
        ❏  CB.4.1: Perform a patient chart audit report (at least annually, but it could be more often – quarterly, monthly, etc.).

For more information and helpful tips, please refer to the ​ABC Patient Care Accre​ditation Guide or contact Kyle Sins at ​ksins@abcop.org.​​