Erick Janisse, CO, C.Ped.

Fenton, MO

​​​Inspired by his father Dennis, Erick Janisse began his career in pedorthics more than two decades ago. He recalls watching “with awe” as his dad traveled the world “spreading the gospel of pedorthics.”  And while Dennis is still actively practicing and serving with ABC, Erick is stepping up as the next generation of OP&P specialists. 

Erick began his professional volunteer work in the early 2000s on the Board of Directors for the Pedorthic Footcare Association (PFA) before co-chairing PFA’s Council on Pedorthic Education. 

Currently Erick serves on ABC’s Pedorthic Exam Committee and last year was a member of the Pedorthic Practice Analysis Task Force. This year he joined the ABC Continuing Education Committee. “I am hoping to one day serve on the ABC Board of Directors,” he said of his long-term goals. “I feel that serving as a committee member might be a good place to begin that journey.” 

Erick, known as a respected pedorthic educator, teaches courses throughout the United States and internationally as well authoring several journal articles and textbook chapters.

Erick’s passion for the profession extends into his community. He frequently participates in community health fairs and recalls one incident when he provided free diabetic foot screenings. Even though one man had a foot ulcer, he had been unaware that he was a diabetic with peripheral neuropathy and wasn’t sure what to do. Erick referred him to a diabetes educator and got him an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon. “He is still my patient today and has not had any amputations,” Erick states proudly.

The past decade has been a volatile one for healthcare as consolidations, technical advances, policy and research shape an ever-changing landscape. Erick believes a lot more change is on the horizon for OP&P specifically, and he believes that having a seat at the table will help ensure that ABC and the profession continue to thrive no matter where the overall healthcare industry lands. Erick also sees an increasing role for pedorthists within ABC and wants to be on the leading edge of that growing involvement. 

Dennis Janisse will be 70 this year and is still as active and as passionate as ever about helping his patients and fellow OP&P practitioners.  His son Erick speaks movingly about how incredibly honored he is to follow in his father’s footsteps. 

It runs in the family. ​