Chris Fairman, CPO

​Great Lakes Prosthetics & Orthotics, Ypsilanti, Michigan

The breadth of Chris Fairman's volunteer work for ABC speaks to his knowledge of, and commitment to, the profession. Chris first got interested in volunteering while employed by ABC volunteer (and former board president) Mo Kenney, CPO, who encouraged his young resident to give back to the field.

In just over 10 years as an ABC volunteer, Fairman has proven his versatility. He began as a member of the committee that scrutinizes and analyzes exam questions before moving on to be an examiner, member of the audit team and CPM site coordinator and. He currently serves as the secretary-treasurer on ABC's Board of Directors.     

Fairman is a firm believer in the credentialing process, stating unequivocally, "ABC does it the best way, the correct way, the most thorough way." But beyond that, what keeps him coming back? Like many other volunteers, Fairman appreciates the sharing of diverse ideas that can help improve one's practice. It's also about the camaraderie among people of different ages, geographies and experience levels. 

"I tell candidates that I would not give up time away from my business and my family to spend the weekend with a bunch of unlikable people," says Fairman. "There is no one in that room of volunteers who I don't really enjoy." 

Curt Bertram, CO, FAAOP, president of ABC's Board of Director, admires Fairman's passion and dedication to ABC, saying, "It goes well beyond the exam process. He's directed himself to further ABC's mission and vision by being a board member, a four-year commitment." 

​Volunteering is not something that has gotten tiring or boring for Fairman. In fact, he muses, "It's kind of hard to believe it's been 10 years already." ​​​​​