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ChairMs. Amy V. Yates, CPO
MemberMr. Jeremy Bilow, CPO
MemberMs. Shelley Anne Simmering, C.Ped.
Mr. Stephen A. Mandacina, CPChair
Mr. Rick Babcock, COBoard Liaison
Mr. William A. DeToro, Jr., CPOMember
Ms. Cheryl E. Hood, CPOMember
Mr. Erick J. Janisse, CO, C.Ped.Member
Mr. Brett R. Saunders, CPO, FAAOPChair
Mr. Dennis W. Dillard, C.Ped., CTOBoard Liaison
Mr. Jeff MastejPublic Member
Ms. Leigh Anne Ball, CFmMember
Ms. Rachel A. Friddle-Johnson, CPOMember
Ms. Pamela K. Hale, CPOMember
Mr. Michael D. Hoffman, CFoMember
Mr. James H. Wynne, CPO, FAAOPMember
Ms. Leigh Anne Ball, CFmMember
Ms. Wendy A. Carter, CFmMember
Ms. Teresa G. Caruso, CFo, CFmMember
Ms. Deborah J. Curtis, CFo, CFmMember
Ms. Teresa Kelly, CFmMember
Ms. Kimberly R. Prescott, CFmMember
Ms. Carol J. Hentges, COChair
Ms. Kathleen Drake, CPOMember
Mr. Kevin J. Field, CPOMember
Mrs. Rachel A. Friddle-Johnson, CPOMember
Ms. Frances Renee Lewis, CO, CPAMember
Ms. Sarah R. Sawers, COMember
Mr. Dennis W. Dillard, C.Ped., CTOChair
Mr. Dan Ballard, C.Ped.Member
Ms. Althea L. Powell, C.Ped.Member
Mr. John Joseph Rainey, C.Ped., CFoMember
Ms. Shelley Anne Simmering, C.Ped.Member
Ms. Robin Spencer, C.Ped.Member
Mr. Timothy E. Miller, CPOChair
Mr. John A. Angelico, CP, FAAOPMember
Ms. DeAnna Clough Chapman, CPO, FAAOPMember
Ms. Charissa Doerger, CPMember
Mr. Thomas F. Martin, CPO Member
Ms. Amy L. Paulios, CPMember
Mr. Donald D. Virostek, CPOMember
Mr. Rick G. Parr, CPO, FAAOPChair
Mr. Michael J. Allen, CPO, FAAOPMember
Ms. Chelsey B. Anderson, CPO, FAAOPMember
Ms. Jennifer A. Bick, COMember
Mr. Stephen B. Fletcher, CPOMember
Ms. Erin Michelle O'Brien, CPO, FAAOPMember
Mr. Michael S. Rees, C.Ped., CFoMember
Mr. John H. Reynolds, CPOMember
Ms. Heather E. Swiggum, CPMember
Mr. Steven R. Whiteside, CO, FAAOPMember