ABC Logo


We encourage you to add the ABC logo to your business cards, letterhead, invoices and marketing materials as validation that you have the achieved the highest standards in the profession. 

​The ABC logo is a federally registered mark and its use is restricted to thoseindividuals and  facilities who are credentialed by ABC and are in good standing. 

Please note that the ABC Logo: 

  • May not be altered in any way.
  • Cannot be used in connection with any other credential or displayed on corporate letterhead, advertising, etc., of any organization not accredited by ABC.
  • Should generally appear proportionally isolated from other graphic elements to maintain clear identification
  • Should not be reproduced on a strongly patterned background that would diminish its ability to be recognized. 
  • Must not be obscured by intersection lines, rules, shadows, screens or other graphic devices.
Click here to download the full version of ABC's Logo Guidelines.


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 General ABC Logo

PNG – Use this file type for anything digital such as websites and PowerPoint presentations.
PDF - Use this file type for printed materials such as business cards and brochures.​
JPEG​​​ – Some printers may request this format. ​


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To request an EPS​ version of an ABC logo, please email Megan Matijevich at mmatijevich@abcop.org​. All requests are subject to approval.​