Credit Opportunities


To help ensure that you are able to satisfy the continuing education requirements, many course providers apply in advance to ABC for continuing education credits for courses relevant to orthotics, prosthetics, pedorthics, mastectomy, orthotic and therapeutic shoe fitting.

To find preapproved courses relevant to your credential, please select from either of the buttons below.


For programs that have not been pre-approved by ABC, you may apply on your own behalf by submitting a Category II form along with proof of attendance and a copy of the agenda or program.

To ensure that you are maintaining your certification through appropriate learning activities relevant to your ABC credential, ABC awards discipline specific credits, when appropriate and feasible, to Category I approved programs. For those individuals not credentialed by ABC in the approved discipline(s), Category II credits may be awarded.

You are required to earn half of your continuing education credits in the discipline you are certified. The policy allows you to use up to 50% of your credits on content outside your discipline. These credits are classified as Category II. Below is a brief description of each.

  • Category I continuing education opportunities are generally sponsor-based programs that have been pre-approved by ABC for relevance to a specific credential.
  • Category II continuing education opportunities are generally independent, unsupervised activities and while relevant to the profession, may or may not be directly relevant to a specific credential.

Although ABC will acknowledge content outside of your Scope of Practice, you are required to earn the majority of your continuing education credits on content specifically related to your ABC credential.​