Upload Category II Form


​Submitting Category II Continuing Education Credits

For programs that have not been pre-approved by ABC, you may apply on your own behalf by submitting a Category II form along with proof of attendance and a copy of the agenda or program.​  For your convenience, you may upload the application along with the accompanying documentation using the form below.  

Please remember
  • Applications must be legibly printed.
  • You can apply for Category II credits courses or programs that were not previously submitted for course       approval by the sponsor.
  • Use a separate form for each activity submitted.
  • Submit your application within 60 days of the completion of the course or other activity.
  • The required documentation must be included with your application.
For further information on Required Documentation refer to the instructions on the Category II form

Please refer to The Guide to Maintaining Your Certification for more detailed guidelines on applying for Category II credits.​