The following requirements have been established for maintaining your certification. Please consult the Guide to Maintaining Your Certification for additional information.

Pedorthist Continuing Education Requirements​

  • A total of 50 credits must be earned during your five-year cycle for your time limited certificate.
  • A minimum of 25 credits must be Category I Science.
  • A maximum of 25 credits may be Business and/or Category II Science.


Failure to Satisfy the Requirements

If you do not comply with the continuing education requirements by the end of your five-year cycle, your credential will be suspended for up to one year. 

ABC will notify you of deficient credits and impending suspension . Following receipt of notification, you will be required to notify ABC within 30 days of your intent to earn the deficient credits, plus an additional 10 penalty credits within the current calendar year, of which 5 credits must be Category I Science. Failure to provide ABC with this notice of intent may result in revocation of your certification.

​​During suspension, you are not permitted to use your ABC certification title or number, you will not receive complimentary publications, nor will you be included in the ABC directory. In addition, your annual renewal fees will be temporarily waived.