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Using the search feature below, you can display all of the live courses that have been pre-approved by ABC for Category I credit toward the discipline in which you are credentialed. For courses not specifically approved for Category I in your discipline, Category II credits will be awarded. You will not need to submit a separate Category II application for pre-approved courses. However, you must sign-in for each morning and afternoon session to automatically receive credit once the sign-in sheets are submitted to ABC.

Please keep in mind that sponsors may have added additional dates since they applied to ABC and have not supplied that information for inclusion on this website.

Credits are identified with either (S) for Scientific or (B) for Business. Please be aware that each credential is limited in the number of business credits that may be applied toward renewal.

You may only attend the same live course twice within a five year period, but not within the same year, and still receive credit.​

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