Maintaining Accreditation


Maintaining your accreditation and complying with the standards each year is just as important as the initial accreditation process.

Most accreditations are valid for up to three years and you need to apply for reaccreditation six months prior to the expiration date. You will receive notices from us eight month prior to your submission deadline as reminders.

The reaccreditation process involves submitting your renewal application, along with the appropriate fees, and undergoing a new onsite survey to ensure that your facility is still in compliance with standards. We also reserve the right to visit any ABC accredited facility at any time to conduct a Quality Control Survey; we do not charge for Quality Control Surveys. 

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​​ABC recognizes that your facility has demonstrated commitment to your patients and to the profession through your accreditation and we encourage you to promote this achievement to your community, your referral sources and your patients.

We are excited to provide you with several resources to assist you in your marketing efforts. 

ABC Logos
We encourage you to add the ABC logo to you business cards, letterhead, invoices and marketing materials as validation that you have the achieved the highest standards in the profession. 

Click here to download logos.


Sample Accreditation Press Release
Use this Sam​ple Press Release for your local papers, professional groups, referral sources, etc., informing them of your achievement. The sample press release is in Word format and ready for your specific facility information.​

 Updating Facility Info

Adding a Scope of Practice​
If you wish to add an additional scope of practice or an affiliate location, we will need to co​nduct a new survey of your facility. Please submit a new application with a detailed cover letter and appropriate fees. Make sure to mark Service Add-on on your application.  

​Adding an Affiliate Location​
If you decide to add an affiliate location that location must successfully pass an onsite survey in order to be accredited. Submit your application with a detailed cover letter and appropriate fees. Make sure to mark Affiliate Add-on on the application. 

​Discontinuing a Service
If you wish to discontinue a service for which you are accredited, submit a detailed letter asking us to remove the service and the effective date. Mail or fax your letter to the address below.

​Change to Ownership or Business Structure
If you are changing your business structure but the ownership is not changing, you must submit a detailed letter along with legal documentation of your change. 

However, if you are changing ownership, we require that you submit a new application with a detailed cover letter and the appropriate fees. On your application, please make sure to mark Ownership Change

Location Move
If you plan on moving your facility during the accreditation process and you have already submitted your application, we recommend placing your application on hold.

If you are moving your currently accredited facility, your new location will have to be re-surveyed. Please submit a renewal application with a detailed cover letter regarding the changes along with the appropriate fees. Make sure to mark Location Move on your application. 

Note - Accreditation is non-transferrable to a new location

​Personnel Changes
If you have personnel changes, your facility primary contact can make these changes online in the My ABC section of the ABC website. Or you can submit a detailed letter via mail or fax to the address below.

​Please mail or fax all documents to:

Attn: Facility Accreditation Dept.
330 John Carlyle St, Ste 210
Alexandria, VA  22314

Fax: (703) 842-8027​​​​​​​​


ABC Accreditation Standards HR.6 and HR.6.1 provide guidelines for the privileging process. Through privileging, non-certified/licensed personnel have the opportunity to participate in specific patient care services and certified/licensed personnel have the opportunity to provide specific patient care services that are outside of their independent scope of practice.

Privileged personnel may only provide items and services that are in accordance with Written Objective Criteria. Written Objective Criteria is the written documentation that specifies what education, training, experience or combination thereof that an individual has obtained making them eligible to provide a specific patient care service. The supervising practitioner will need to document the privileged person's competency, whether it be through proof of relevant continuing education courses, in-house training or documentation of the individual's work experience.

All privileging practices must ensure appropriate, effective, ethical and safe delivery of patient care. For non-certified/licensed individuals, the level of supervision is dependent on the complexity of the item being provided. For example, custom fit-high and custom fabricated orthoses and prostheses require direct supervision for the initial patient evaluation, formulation of the treatment plan and final fitting and delivery.

​For additional information regarding privileging and supervision, please refer to the ABC S​cope of Practice.