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​Thank you for choosing ABC for your accreditation needs. We look forward to assisting you with the accreditation process. Please use the information below to learn more about our accreditation programs.

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ABC's Patient Care Accreditation program recognizes those orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic patient care facilities that promote the best business and patient care practices in the profession.

Standards are grouped into categories containing a set of standards unique to the specific type of accreditation you are seeking.

Standards Categories:

  • Administrative
  • Patient Records
  • Human Resources
  • Patient Care and Management
  • Product Safety
  • Performance Management
  • Facility and Safety Management
  • Claims and Billing Compliance
For a complete list of standards, refer to the Patient Care Facility Accreditation Guide.

As an added resource, ABC has ​created a quick and easy way for you to determine exactly which standards apply to the products you provide. Launch the Relevant Standards Tool and choose your specific product categories. The program will then generate a custom list of standards relevant only to those product categories. Use the list to focus on these areas for compliance as you prepare for your onsite survey.

This tool is not intended to replace a thorough review of all of the accreditation standards.

 Mastectomy-Only Standards

Effective March 1, 2016, all mastectomy-only facilities are only required to comply with 43 of the 141 ABC accreditation standards. These 43 standards are specifically appropriate for the patient care services provided by mastectomy-only facilities. 


A mastectomy patient care specific accreditation guide including these standards and corresponding compliance tips will be available in early 2016. It will be mailed to all current ABC accredited mastectomy-only facilities and available for download at abcop.org.

Please note that the ABC patient care standards are the same for all facilities. The specific standards required for patient care accreditation are dependent on the items and services you provide and many facilities are not required to comply with all 141 standards. Be sure to utilize ABC’s online Relevant Standards Tool​, to determine the specific standards that apply to your facility.


 Relevant Standards Tool


Once you have met the eligibility criteria and are compliant with the standards that apply to your facility, you are ready to submit your application along with the required documents. You must apply for accreditation for all of the products and services your facility currently provides. We recommend that you do not submit your application until you are ready and available for the onsite survey. Please be sure that your application is complete – all fields are required. The non-negotiable and non-refundable application fee must be included with your application. If your application is incomplete or missing doc​umentation, the accreditation process may be delayed.

Required Documents
Please submit the following documents along with your completed application:

  • Non-negotiable and non-refundable application fee
  • Copy of all professional staff licenses and non-ABC certifications – it is not necessary to submit copies of ABC certifications
  • Legal documentation of ownership (e.g. Articles of Incorporation)
  • Narrative of Section VII: Criminal History (if applicable)

If considered necessary, we may request additional information. Your information and application materials are solely used by ABC and its surveyors or as required by law. All submissions are handled in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

You will receive an email confirmation once your application has been received and both an email and written confirmation once ABC verifies that your application is complete.

When you are ready to apply, select the First Time Application or Renewal Application​​ buttons in the right hand column of this page.​

 Mulitiple Locations

​​​​Affiliate Locations​
Affiliates are secondary patient care locations that meet the following criteria:

  • Share the corporate structure and utilize the same policies and procedures of the primary facility
  • Share the same Federal Tax ID number as the primary facility
  • Maintain separate NPI and PTAN numbers
  • Are located within a 100-mile driving distance starting from the primary facility 

*Note: Per Medicare, each patient care facility should maintain a separate CMS Supplier Number (PTAN).

​​​Designating affiliates allows organizations to apply for multiple locations at once while reducing overall accreditation fees. An affiliate location's ​accreditation always expires with the primary location, including when affiliates are added in the middle of an accreditation cycle. Secondary locations that do not meet the criteria for affiliates as outlined above must submit an application as a primary location with the appropriate fees. Each primary location may designate up to four affiliates. Facilities, including renewals, with more than four affiliates must make the fifth site a primary location, which then can list four additional affiliates. 

​Administrative Offices and Product Warehouse Locations​​
You must list all related administrative offices and product warehouses on your application and include a detailed cover letter describing what activities or items are at those facilities. These locations are not patient care facilities. 

​Administrative office and product warehouse locations require an onsite survey and will be assessed the base affiliate fee if within 100-miles. Those located more than 100 miles from the primary location will be assessed the base primary survey fee. Administrative office and product warehouse location accreditation fees must be submitted with the application. Annual fees do not apply to these types of locations. ​​


Once your accreditation application is approved, ABC will conduct an onsite survey. 

CMS regulations require that all onsite surveys be unscheduled and unannounced. Onsite surveys will be conducted during your regular business hours, as indicated on your application. All ABC surveyors will present their photo identification badge upon their arrival.

By submitting your application, you affirm that your facility is ready for the onsite survey at any time. We are unable to rescheduled surveys due to emergency closure, staff unavailability or lack of readiness. If your facility will be closed for any reason, please inform ABC in writing.

​​When preparing for your survey, be sure to have a comprehensive understanding of the ABC F​acility Accreditation Standards or if applicable, the Mastectomy-Only Facility Accreditation Standards, and use the Relevant Standards Tool to help you focus on the specific standards that relate to your type of facility.

Office Hours
Your onsite survey will occur during the days and hours of operation listed on your application. If your facility is by appointment only, you must note this on your application including the days and hours you are available for appointments. If key personnel such as an administrative or clinical manager have a schedule that differs from your hours of operation, that schedule must also be indicated on your application.

Requesting Blackout Dates​
Your survey could occur at any time once your application has been processed. If your facility will be closed or any key personnel will be out of the office for a period of time, blackout dates may be requested. You may request up to 14 blackout dates; these dates may be consecutive. 

All requests for blackout dates must be submitted to ABC, in writing, at least 30 days in advance. Any request for blackout dates not received at least 30 days in advance will not be accepted. These requests must be on company letterhead and signed and dated by the accreditation contact, CEO, or owner of the company. ABC will notify the surveyor of all blackout requests and will attempt to honor such requests. We recommend submitting any blackout requests with your application paperwork. ​

About our Surveyors

  • Background ABC site surveyors have education and training to form a solid foundation for program evaluation. Central fabrication surveyors are specifically trained for these unique surveys.
  • Site Surveyor Training – ABC site surveyors receive formal, organized training through workshops conducted by experienced evaluators representing numerous aspects of the provision of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS). In addition, ABC has developed training materials to help site surveyors understand the ABC Patient Care Accreditation Standards.​ 


Affordable accreditation is important and the ABC program is designed to be cost effective. As a nonprofit organization, we strive to keep our costs contained and operate as efficiently as possible. This allows us to keep application and renewal fees low, especially when compared with other accrediting organizations.

First-time Applicants
The total cost of accreditation depends on the services being provided and the number and/or location of patient care facilities. This includes the application fee as well as the onsite survey fee. Accreditation application and survey fees are non-refundable. The annual fee for the remainder of the calendar year is waived.


  • Primary Location: $1,825
  • Affiliate Location (maximum of 4): $900 each location
  • Mastectomy-only Primary Location:$1,475
  • Mastectomy-only Affiliate Location: $800 ($775 for each additional location - maximum of 4 locations)
  • Each additional service provided: $250
  • DME (See DME explanation): $2,000

Renewing Applicants
Your accreditation can be valid for up to three years. Prior to your facility's accreditation expiration, you will need to reapply and be resurveyed. The renewal fee is based on the current services you provide and includes the application fee along with the onsite survey fee.


  • Primary Location: $1,225
  • Affiliate Location: $600 ($575 for each additional location - maximum of 4 locations)
  • Mastectomy-only Primary Location: $925
  • Mastectomy-only Affiliate Location: $600 ($575 for each additional location - maximum of 4 locations)
  • Each additional service provided: $200
  • DME (See DME explanation): $1,500

Annual Fees
Once your facility is accredited, there is an annual fee for each location. Invoices for the annual fee and a contact verification form are mailed in mid-September and are due December 1st. If your payment is not received by December 1st, your facility will not be listed in the ABC directory and will be subject to a $25 late fee. Annual fees cover December 1st to November 30th of the following year. 

  • Primary location: $600
  • Affiliate location: $300
  • Mastectomy-only primary location: $300
  • Mastectomy-only affiliate location: $150

Essentially Women (EW) Application Discount Policy
Mastectomy-only facilities that are active members with the EW buying group are eligible for a discount on their accreditation application fees. These facilities are required to provide their EW membership number in the designated area of the payment page. Requests for discount reimbursement or refunds after the application has been submitted will not be accepted. EW members that are providing services in addition to mastectomy, such as Comprehensive Orthotics and Prosthetics, are not eligible for the discount.​​​​​​

To learn more about EW membership, click here​​.​​

 Accreditation Decisions

Once your facility is surveyed, the surveyors will submit their reports to ABC. All results are validated and finalized by ABC Accreditation staff. You should receive your survey findings within four to six weeks of your on-site visit. This summary will include the survey report and your decision letter. The findings will be mailed to you and, if applicable, will explain any further steps your facility needs to take.

Once you've been accredited, ABC will report your accreditation status to Medicare on a weekly basis. Medicare may require your facility to update your 855S form. For more information regarding what items or information need to be sent to Medicare, please visit their website.

Survey Deficiencies
If your surveyor found deficiencies or your facility's overall score is not within a passing range, your facility may be given the opportunity to submit a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). If a CAP is required to maintain your accreditation, you will receive a letter detailing the process. You have 60 days after receiving the accreditation survey results to submit your CAP.

The opportunity to submit a CAP is at ABC's discretion. A decision will be made once the review of your survey results has been completed by staff. If deficiencies are severe, your facility may need to reapply or have an additional survey. Your decision letter will include information on additional steps your facility may need to take to obtain or maintain your accreditation. More information can be found in the CAP section.


​​​​A Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is a document submitted to ABC that demonstrates your facility's compliance with one or more standards that were in question after your onsite survey.

ABC may request a CAP for any of the following reasons:

  • An overall failing score
  • Passes overall but falls below the passing threshold for a full three-year accreditation
  • Missed any standards that are considered mandatory, regardless of overall score.

These standards are:

AD.5, AD.6HR.8.2, HR.8.3FS.3.2.2, CB.1
HR.4.1, HR.4.2PC.6.9, PC.6.9.1CB.4.1
HR.6, HR.6.1PC.9.1, PM.10

If you receive a request from ABC for a CAP, your accreditation is not final until your CAP has been approved. There is no cost to submit a CAP unless you are required to have an additional onsite survey. If a new survey is necessary, it will be specified in your accreditation decision letter.

If you fail to submit a CAP by the deadline, your application for accreditation will be denied and any existing accreditation may be revoked. You will then need to submit a new application, including all fees, for an additional onsite survey.

If after you have submitted your CAP, we need more information to make a final decision, you will have one more opportunity to submit materials. You will receive a second request letter with a new deadline and details about what information is still needed.​​

 Appeals Process

If you receive a denied or deferred accreditation decision for your facility, you have 15 days from the receipt of the Summary of Findings to submit a written appeal. 

Send your appeal by certified mail, return receipt requested or by verifiable overnight express mail service to:

Attn: Facility Accreditation
330 John Carlyle St., Ste 210
Alexandria, VA  22314

Your appeal must include the necessary evidence or relevant documentation supporting the basis of your appeal. If you do not appeal the decision within the 15 day time period, the accreditation decision will be final.

​If you find it necessary to file a complaint against an ABC accredited facility or an accreditation applicant for non-compliance with ABC's accreditation standards, you may do so he​re