Residency Site Resources


Become a Residency Site!

Hosting a residency program can offer you and your colleagues numerous benefits. That's why ABC helped create the clinical training residency program over 20 years ago - and continues to support NCOPE and its residency requirements.

We encourage you to consider hosting a residency program if you aren't already. It's a great way to give back to the ​​profession, help future candidates (like you used to be!) prepare for the ABC exam and provide tangible benefits for your own practice.​

Click Here to learn more about the benefits of being an NCOPE approved residency site.

​Already a Residency Site?

ABC has developed several resources to help both you and your resident use the ABC Practic​e Analysis of Certified Practitioners in the Disciplines of Orthotics and Prosthetics ​​to get the most out of the residency experience. ​These resources will help you gauge whether your residency is in line with what candidates will be expected to know when they take their board exams.  ​​​

 Practice Analysis Residency Director Guide

 Clinical Assessment Template

 Practice Analysis Resident Exam Prep Guide


 Knowledge and Skills Assessment Template