​H​​ow long does the accreditation process take?
It takes approximately three to four months after we receive and approve your application for the entire accreditation process.

What is the overall cost of accreditation?

  • Application fee (non-refundable):     $150
  • Survey fee:                                                $950
  • Annual fee:                                                $300

What if I'm not ready for the survey?​
Don't submit your application until you feel that you are completely ready. That includes meeting all of the requirements of the standards.

How often will my facil​ity be inspected?
Your facility's accreditation will expire every five years. At that time, you'll need to reapply and ABC will conduct another onsite survey.

How is my facility recognized as being accredited?
There are several ways that we will promote your accreditation and some that you'll want to do:​

  • You will be included in the ABC Directory in a category specific for central fabrication facilities.​​​
  • You will receive a certificate to display in your facility.
  • You should include the central fabrication specific ABC logo on your business cards, invoices and other business forms.
  • Be sure and send a press release to your local news outlets (we provide a sample release for you in your congratulatory packet and it's available on the ABC website.)
  • Include the ABC logo in your marketing materials, proudly proclaiming your accreditation status to the patient care facilities that you serve.​​​​