Tony Wickman, CTPO

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Freedom Fabrications - Havana, FL

​​​​​In the 20+ years that he’s been volunteering for ABC, Tony Wickman has never asked himself, “Why do I volunteer?” In fact, when asked point-blank, Tony responds matter-of-factly, “Why not?”

Tony first volunteered with ABC to develop a new exam for technicians; that project lead to his becoming one of the first certified technicians to serve as an examiner for that exam. He also helped with the exam equipment inventory, which involved everything from shipping to various exam sites to soliciting donations. Currently, he sits on the Central Fabrication Accreditation Committee and played an integral role transitioning clinical facility accreditation standards to central fabrication accreditation standards. 

“It’s not simple but it’s never hard,” Tony remarks about volunteering. “Decisions get made by the people who show up. If you want to make something happen, you have to step up.”

Jim Wynne, CPO, FAAOP, ABC board president, recalls how Tony lobbied for a name change from registration to certification for the technician credentialing program.  “Tony is one of those people who genuinely wants to move the profession in an upward direction. He volunteers because he feels he can contribute and that makes it worthwhile to him.”

Tony also freely offers that the opportunity to really get to know the profession’s top players comes at the behind-the-scenes volunteer gatherings, where those involved hunker down, share opinions, come to consensus and “drink way too much coffee.”  

​Tony calls his fellow volunteers “top-notch professionals” – and although he would never say it, that certainly applies to him as well.