Digital Badges


As part of our commitment to help you promote the value of your credential, ABC is providing Digital Badging through ProExam (ABC's digital badging partner​) ​at no cost. Digital badges have emerged as the newest method of communicating achievements and capability on social media, emails, websites and electronic resumes. We hope you find this service a valuable tool for promoting your professional accomplishments with ABC. 


 What are Digital Badges & Why should I have one?

​Digital badges are an electronic tool to help you promote the certifications you have earned with ABC on social media, email, website and electronic resumes. They protect the integrity of your credential by providing a link to verified and secured data from ABC that cannot be falsified. ​

 do I have to have a digital badge?

​No. Digital Badges through ABC are completely voluntary. Use of this service will in no way affect your certification or accreditation status with ABC. ​

 How are they managed & verified?

​​Your digital badge, managed through ProExam Vault, will enable viewers to instantly verify the authenticity of your certification and to understand what was required to earn it. ABC provides continuous updates to ProExam ensuring that the most current and accurate information is available. ​

 How do I claim my badge?

​You should have already received an email from ProExam inviting you to claim your ABC badge(s). A separate email invitation was issued for each of the active ABC credentials you hold. ​

 What if I never received my badge email or have deleted it?

If you never received your badge invitation email…
and none of the reasons listed below apply to you, please contact us at info@abcop.o​rg or 703-836-7114.

     Reasons why you may not have received a badge email invite:
  • You are currently not in good standing with ABC and/or your certification is currently not active due lack of payment or MCE credits. Once you have paid and completed your MCE requirements, you will be sent an email inviting you to claim your badge. 
  • We do not have a valid email for you. Log into your MY ABC account here​ to view your current contact information and make any changes. 
  • Your invitation email landed in your JUNK or SPAM folders. Be sure to check these folders and add vault@proexam.org to your safe senders list.
If you accidentally deleted your invitation email…
Check your deleted emails folder or contact us so we can resend the email.

 What if I don’t have an email address?

​​An email address is a must. Digital badges can only be claimed through email. You can quickly and easily set up a free email account with providers such as Google and Yahoo. ​

 What if I share an email with someone who is also ABC Certified?

​Shared emails can cause issues with your badge. Please send an alternative or unique email address to info@abcop.org so we can resend your invitation. ​​

 Sharing your badge on Social Networks

​Via LinkedIn
From your badge profile page, you can choose to either directly add your digital credential to your LinkedIn profile or share it with your network as an update. If you choose to directly add it to your profile, it will automatically appear under the certifications section of your profile page. It will then be available for potential employers and peers to view and click to verify its validity or learn more about your credential. 

Via Other Social Media Platforms
You can also share your badge with other social networks as an update. Those that see your update can then click to access your badge profile, as well as additional info about your credential and ABC. 

 Adding your badge to your email Signature

Click here to access the ProExam Vault Help Center with specific instructions on how to add, resize and hyperlink your badge in your email signature.

 Embedding a badge on a web page

Click here​ for detailed instructions. Visit the ProExam Vault Help Center​ for additional info. 

 Badge Suggestions for Dually Credentialed Individuals

​​Your badge earned date will only reflect the date in which you earned your most recent credential. In some instances, you may have a substantial gap of time between earning your first and second credential. If this is the case, we suggest adding details to the bio section of your badge profile such as when you received your first credential, what that credential was and how long you have been working in the profession. ​