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RoxanneBobb-Semple8/24/2018 5:18 PMABC330 John CarlAlexandriaVa22314703-836-7114roxannebs@abcop.org8/31/2018Meeting AttendanceIndividualsPractitionerYes
Testing that the state selection is displaying properly.  The site workflow had to be adjusted, so this should be fixed now.
Orthotist, ProsthetistOrthoticNo
RoxanneBobb-Semple8/24/2018 11:00 AMABC330 John AveAlexandriaVA22314703-836-7114703-836-0838roxannebs@abcop.org9/22/2018EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes
Testing replacement field
RoxanneBobb-Semple8/20/2018 5:13 PMABC330 JOhnAlexandriava22314703-836-7114roxannebs@abcop.org9/15/2018Product PromotionIndividualsPractitionerYes
Testing the state selection
IreneEyestone8/15/2018 3:56 PMClearPrice Networks, Inc.P.O. Box 27493. San DiegoCA92128815-356-5434815-356-5439irene@clearpricenetworks.com8/31/2018Product PromotionFacilitiesPractitionerOrthotics, Prosthetics, DMEYes
we are interested in recruiting  accredited PO Providers to join our PPO Network. I don't have a file sample yet
AshleyMullen5/30/2018 9:55 AMTexas Chapter American Academy of Orthotists and ProsthetistsPO Box 300934HoustonTexas77230832-392-6699ashley.mullen@bcm.edu5/31/2018Meeting AttendanceIndividualsPractitionerYes
The mailing is our annual meeting mailer which includes a letter from the chapter president, a meeting schedule, a membership form, and a meeting registration form.
Prosthetist, Orthotist, Prosthetist-Orthotist, PedorthistProsthetic, Orthotic, Prosthetic-OrthoticProsthetic, Orthotic, Prosthetic-OrthoticNo
KamHoward5/23/2018 11:29 AMKnit-Rite120 Osage AveKansas CityKS661059132796345khoward@knitrite.com5/30/2018Product PromotionIndividualsPractitionerYes
The mailing will provide information on the the Power Belt prosthetic auxiliary
suspension product.
Prosthetist, Prosthetist-OrthotistNo
RoxanneBobb-Semple5/21/2018 1:15 PMABC330 JohnAlexandriaVA22314703-836-7114703-836-0838roxannebs@abcop.org5/31/2018EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes
See below
ThomasMalone5/17/2018 10:26 AMOrthotic Transfers, LLC 748 Marshall Ave Webster GrovesMO63119314-968-8555800-540-1957tmalone@oandplabinc.com6/1/2018Product PromotionIndividualsPractitionerYes
Sample was submitted. 
ChristineFields, CPOA5/14/2018 4:15 PMCompliance AccountAbility & Training Solutions5 Stratford WayDanvilleIndiana46122317-739-4214chris@caat-solutions.com5/18/2018Product PromotionFacilitiesPractitionerOrthotics, Prosthetics, Pedorthics, Mastectomy, DME, Non-Custom ShoesYes
I will be mailing brochures for my O&P/DME billing and compliance service.  I will email
a sample of the WIP brochure.  At this point, the only changes will be to two of the pics that
are on the file.  I have requested that two of the pics be replaced.  The verbiage is finalized.

I would like to have Hanger facilities removed from the listing, if possible.
Tim Hare4/18/2018 10:31 AMProtiviti2 N Cameron StWinchesterVA22601555-555-5555tim.hare@protiviti.com4/30/2018EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes
StevenHunter4/9/2018 10:02 AMALPS2895 42nd Ave NSt. PetersburgFL337147276414977shunter@easyliner.com4/10/2018Educational, Research (see Mailing Policy for more info)BothPractitionerProsthetics, OrthoticsYes
I will not be mailing anything out. I am requesting this list to research my Territory and see which facilities I have reached, and which are new (if any).
Prosthetist, Orthotist, Prosthetist-OrthotistOrthoticProsthetic, Prosthetic-Orthotic, OrthoticProsthetic, Prosthetic-Orthotic, OrthoticNo
CourtneyPoopat3/22/2018 10:50 AMUniversity of Michigan School of Public Health1415 Washington HeightsAnn ArborMI48109510-585-7724courtnp@umich.edu3/29/2018Research (see Mailing Policy for more info)BothPractitionerProstheticsYes
I am a graduate student at the University of Michigan School of Public Health researching the prosthetics industry in the US. My team and I are looking for as much information as possible about demographic trends in the prosthetist population, ideally including county of practice and age, but any and all data will be useful. Anonymized data without names is perfectly acceptable.  We do not intend to send any mail, electronic or physical, to any of the prosthetists on the ABC registry.
Barbara Tanner3/15/2018 4:30 PMSafeguard Services LLC402 Otterson Drive  Suite 120ChicoCA955927-8806(650) 258-4177Fax: (530) 896-7017barbara.ann.tanner@dxc.com4/20/2018Research (see Mailing Policy for more info)BothPractitionerNon-Custom Shoes, DME, Central Fabrication, Ocular, Mastectomy, Pedorthics, Prosthetics, OrthoticsYes
This is a validation process for Medicare claims- a research process. Your agency is listed for certification purposes.

There is no mailing involved. What I'm looking for is a cost of the list for research purposes.
Pedorthist, Prosthetist-Orthotist, Orthotist, ProsthetistOthotic-Mastectomy, Therapeutic Shoes, Orthotic, MastectomyProsthetic, Orthotic, Prosthetic-OrthoticProsthetic, Orthotic, Prosthetic-OrthoticYes
AmySchall1/5/2018 9:34 AMGillette Children's Specialty Healthcare200 University Ave ESt. PaulMN55101651-265-7387aschall@gillettechildrens.com1/12/2018EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes
We will be mailing a postcard to let people know about our upcoming April 2018 Gait Course.
Prosthetist, Orthotist, Prosthetist-OrthotistProsthetic, Orthotic, Prosthetic-OrthoticNo
LaduanSmedley12/31/2017 2:15 AMO&P TreePO Box 221092SacramentoCA958222486678462oandptree@gmail.com1/31/2018Educational, Product PromotionBothPractitionerOrthotics, Prosthetics, DME, Pedorthics, Mastectomy, Non-Custom ShoesYes
My name is Laduan Smedley and I am a CPO and the creator of O&P Tree, the fastest growing mobile app for the O&P field and your #1 free source for the 1000+ O&P HCPCS codes and descriptions.  This app: eliminates the need to purchase expensive manuals or software, offers an interactive search feature for those lesser known codes, and updates annually so you know that the newest codes are reflected in the app.  Also, practitioners no longer have to rely on outdated handwritten cheat-sheets of codes in their offices and can use the "favorites" feature in the app to save frequently used codes and access them anywhere on their mobile devices. 

This app is completely FREE and no risk!  One thing that makes O&P unique to other medical fields is that we (typically) only charge for what we deliver, and not our time.  It is essential that we are BILLING EXACTLY what we deliver to AVOID COMMITTING FRAUD, or MISSING OUT ON BILLABLE ITEMS.

Coding is something that all practitioners are individually responsible for and I hope that this app will serve as a valuable tool to help O&P professionals navigate this complicated coding process.  For more information, please visit www.oandptree.com, and to download, search "O&P Tree" on your Apple or Google play stores.
Prosthetist, Orthotist, Prosthetist-Orthotist, PedorthistOthotic-Mastectomy, Orthotic, Therapeutic ShoesProsthetic, Orthotic, Prosthetic-OrthoticNo
KamHoward9/21/2017 2:42 PMKnit-Rite120 Osage AveKansas CityKS661059132796345khoward@knitrite.com9/25/2017Product PromotionIndividualsPractitionerYes
We will be promoting Knit-Rite's new lightweight Torso Interface. We will be offering a free sample to practitioners.
Orthotist, Prosthetist-OrthotistNo
TimHare9/8/2017 9:33 AMTESTTESTTESTTEST111112222222222tim.hare@protiviti.com9/8/2017Product PromotionIndividualsPractitionerYes
TimHare9/6/2017 12:17 PMtesttesttestTST111115555555555tim.hare@protiviti.com9/7/2017EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes
BrianWilkinson9/6/2017 9:15 AMAnjon Holdings4801 Dawin Rd.JacksonvilleFlorida32211904-730-9373 ext 105bwilkinson@anjonholdings.com9/13/2017Product Promotion, Research (see Mailing Policy for more info)FacilitiesPractitionerOrthotics, ProstheticsYes
To determine current usage protocols and usage distribution of external fixation halo systems.
RoxanneBobb9/5/2017 11:54 AMABC333 John Carlyle StAlexandiraVA22314703-836-7114703-836-0838abcroxanne@gmail.com10/1/2017EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes

  Testing delivery
RoxanneBobb9/5/2017 11:43 AMABC333 John Carlyle St ste 210AlexandriaVA22314703-836-7114703-836-0838abcroxanne@gmail.com10/1/2017EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes

  Testing delivery
RoxanneBobb-Semple9/5/2017 11:37 AMABC330 John Carlyle St Ste 210AlexandriaVA22314703-836-7114703-836-0838abcroxanne@gmail.com10/1/2017EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes

  Testing delivery
RoxanneBobb-Semple9/5/2017 11:19 AMABC330 John Carlyle St Ste 210AlexandriaVA22314703-836-7114703-836-0838abcroxanne@gmail.com10/1/2017EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes

  Testing delivery
ReginaWeger8/28/2017 9:26 PMSPS6025 Shiloh RdAlpharettaGA300056786402187Rweger@spsco.com9/1/2017Research (see Mailing Policy for more info)BothPractitionerOrthotics, Prosthetics, DME, Central FabricationYes

  No Hanger Employees or locations please.  Data Analytics use only
Prosthetist, Orthotist, Prosthetist-OrthotistOrthoticNo
SusanShannon8/9/2017 10:48 AMACPOC9400 W. Higgins Road Suite 500RosemontIL6001884769816378472689560shannon@aaos.org8/16/2017Meeting AttendanceIndividualsPractitionerYes

  We are promoting the call for scientific abstracts for ACPOC's 2018 Annual Meeting.  We will send the call for abstracts information, a meeting save the date flyer, and information on our new investigator research award.  We will email samples.
Prosthetist, Orthotist, Prosthetist-Orthotist, PedorthistNo
roxannebobb-semple7/13/2017 3:10 PMabc330 john carly rdalexandriava22314703-836-7114roxannebs@abcop.org7/21/2017EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes

  Testing receipt of email from workflow
Prosthetist, OrthotistOthotic-MastectomyOrthotic, ProstheticNo
Ruth Grendahl7/11/2017 10:47 AMMN Board of Podiatric Medicine2829 University AvenueMinneapolisMN5541461254821756512012763ruth.grendahl@state.mn.us7/31/2017EducationalBothPractitionerOrthotics, Prosthetics, PedorthicsYes

  Licensure is required in Minnesota by 1/1/18 for Orthotists, Prosthetists, Prosthetist Orthotists, Pedorthists, Assistants and Fitters practicing in the state.
  We need to communicate this information to potential licensees and acquired
  the list last August, but need it updated and to include the surrounding states.
Prosthetist, Orthotist, Prosthetist-Orthotist, PedorthistOrthoticProsthetic, Orthotic, Prosthetic-OrthoticNo
RoxanneBobb-semple7/10/2017 5:02 PMABC330 John Carl RdAlexandriaVA22314703-836-7114roxannebs@abcop.org7/21/2017EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes

  Will email separately
PedorthistTherapeutic ShoesNo
RoxanneBobb6/22/2017 4:12 PMABC330 John Carlyle StalexandriaVA22314703-836-7114703-836-0838roxannebs@abcop.org6/30/2017Product PromotionIndividualsPractitionerYes

  I will provide my sample via email
AaronBruner6/16/2017 9:02 AMProtivitiTestTestTest232322211aaron.bruner@protiviti.com6/24/2017EducationalIndividualsPractitionerYes
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